dramatic concert for solo voice
Patrice Michaels, soprano
Music by Robert Carl, Noël Lee, Naji Hakim, Laurie Altman & Patrice Michaels

This 45 minute dramatic concert exists

  • - to showcase the current state of the art for unaccompanied singing
  • - to tell stories in sound and space
  • - to set contemporary classical vocal music side-by-side with improvisation
  • - to create a conversation between the audience, the performer and the space

In Patrice’s words:

 I’m presenting a program with just one moving part: myself. The idea is to perform the program in a wide variety of spaces, from gorgeous galleries to public walk-through spaces to regular concert halls, and for a variety of audiences, especially those gathered together for charitable fundraising. I want to introduce audiences to some contemporary compositions that are thoroughly modern, but reference stories from a wide variety of traditions: folk song styles, Shakespeare texts, real-life problems, and my own history. The modes of storytelling include standard lyrical singing, speech-song, aleatoric (chance-based) composition and electronic enhancement of improvised song.


About The Composers

- Naji Hakim creates beautiful tonal relationships in a sophisticated harmonic language that always retains its lyric sensibility in the Latin mass setting.

 - Noël Lee’s songs require me to play the character of Ophelia – her madness is expressed through song, and Noël’s modern settings are true to the haunting beauty Shakespeare intended.

 - Laurie Altman’s States of Waiting is a set of 5 diary entries. The mother of a girl diagnosed with cancer shares her immediate worries, her over-arching joys and her ultimate unknowing. This is a personally moving experience for me, both because I have lost dear ones to cancer, and because Laurie wrote this cycle out of his own experience of loss.

 - I love the way Imogen Heap has moved vocal performing to a new level, and I’m building on her use of electronic enhancement of the song by using looping devices in my own improv pieces.


Patrice Michaels
920 570.1393

This performance will be presented free of charge for targeted charitable organizations